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2014 Internal Affairs Research Paper Topics


1. Is it necessary to have a written policy on the use of body cameras? (4 Papers)

2. With all the economic misconduct occurrring with law enforcement officers, should an agency require annual financial disclosures by all employees, certain employees, or no employees? (3 Papers)

3. Should police employees be held accountable for postings on their internet social media sites? (5 Papers)

4. Do you conduct reviews of police candidate internet social media sites? If so, how do you conduct these reviews?

5. What staff inspections do you believe an agency should conduct, at least, on an annual basis? (3 Papers)

6. What should an agency consider when a sworn officer has been convicted or plead guilty to DUI off-duty? (3 Papers)


2014 Las Vegas Internal Affairs Research Paper Topics


1. Should a law enforcement agency have an administrative policy concerning domestic misconduct involving its employees or simply rely on the criminal definition and statute? (2 Papers)

2. Are body cameras the answer to law enforcement’s allegations of police misconduct? (9 Papers)

3. Should ‘untruthfulness’ during administrative investigations mandate employee termination? (4 Papers)

4. How should a law enforcement agency address employee credibility issues embodied in ‘Brady/Giglio’ issues? (1 Papers)

5. What are the most common administrative allegations involving detention personnel and what are reasonable recommendations to address these incidents? (1 Papers)