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2016 Internal Affairs Research Paper Topics


1. What are the real costs of equipping officers with personal body cameras considering the costs of the camera, storage and Freedom of Information/subpoena requests? (11 Papers)

2. Should an employee's personal equipment (phone, smart device, recorder, camera or computer) be subject to inspection during an administrative investigation? Under what circumstances would this be reasonable? What restrictions, if any, should be placed on this inquiry or use of the information obtained from any disclosure? (4 Papers)

3. Does your agency conduct any random reviews of employee personal social network sites? Should this be done? When would it be reasonable to conduct such an inquiry? What would be a reasonable investigative method if such an inquiry were done during an administrative investigation? (1 Paper)

4. Should a law enforcement agency post, in some manner, the result of an investigation employee discipline for review by other members of the agency? What are the pros and cons of this disclosure? If this is done by your agency, how is it done? (3 Papers)

7. Is there a division between line personnel (operational) and ‘white shirt’ personnel (administrative/command)? How can this division be successfully overcome and still be able to conduct reasonable administrative investigations? (1 Paper)

8. Should a fire service agency have its own IA function or procedure to conduct administrative investigations? When is an agency too small to successfully conduct this type of investigation? (1 Paper)